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    Kenai Heating Pros

    Heating issues in Kenai can be overwhelming. Discover why Living Waters Plumbing & Mechanical should be your go-to Kenai heating…
  • pipes are freezing over due to improper winterization

    Kenai Pipe Winterization

    Pipe winterization in Kenai, Alaska is a must. The experts at Living Waters will ensure your homes pipes remain frost…
  • Kenai Boiler Maintenance

    Regular Kenai boiler maintenance will keep your Alaskan property warm and safe. Expert services by Living Waters Plumbing & Mechanical.
  • Plumber tote bag filled with tools

    Kenai Plumbing Inspection

    Discover the importance of plumbing inspections in Kenai. Trust Living Waters Plumbing & Mechanical for all your plumbing inspection needs.